Life Mel Honey 120g


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Life Mel Honey 120g
Life Mel is made by honey bees fed on a specially formulated diet which includes selected herbs such as Siberian Ginseng, Echinacea and Uncaria Tomentosa.
Life Mel is a natural product and no ingredients are added after extraction from the hive.
How is Life Mel made?
Bees normally feed on the nectar of flowers.  However, the most potent part of a plant is often found in its’ root, leaves or stem.
Having selected the appropriate part of each of the chosen medicinal plants, they are made into a food mixture that is prepared in a way that is palatable to the bees. This food is then placed into the hive.
As the beehives are situated in an area where there are no flowering plants, the bees return to the hive to eat.
No herbs or additives are added to Life Mel.  Its’ unique formulation is entirely due to what the bees have eaten. Just as milk does not contain the grass eaten by cows, Life Mel does not contain the herbs. The processing of the nectar by the bees, produces an entirely new compound.
How do I use Life Mel?
Take two 5g teaspoonfuls (half a teaspoon) a day; one in the morning on an empty stomach and one last thing at night. Life Mel should be preferably be sucked slowly off the spoon
What does Life Mel taste like?
Life Mel has a distinctive and pleasant aroma and flavour.
Who should not take Life Mel?~
Pregnant and breast feeding women should consult their doctor.
Life Mel is not to be given to children less than one year old.
Life Mel is not recommended for diabetics or people allergic to beehive products
My honey has crystallised and/or gone hard, what should I do?
As Life Mel is an entirely natural honey bee product, changes in temperature may cause it to thicken and crystallise.  This is a normal occurrence which does not alter its’ properties.  To return it to a runnier texture, stand the jar in hot water for approximately 20 minutes or until it has reached the consistency you prefer.
How should Life Mel be stored?
Life Mel should be kept at room temperature.

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