Lifestream Chlorella 200mg 300 Tablets


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Lifestream Chlorella 200mg 300 Tablets

A green Microalgae rich in RNA/DNA nucleic acids and a rich natural source of Chlorophyll,a potent purifier which attaches itself to and removes Heavy Metals, Toxins and Pollutants. Can repair damaged Organs/Tissues. Aids the liver in ridding the body of toxins, cleans and flushes out stored pollutants in the body and acts as an internal deodorant, helping to refresh the bowel and breath and reduce body odour. Ideal for those wishing to maintain a clean and healthy bowel and liver and those feeling in need of a general ‘detox’ or ‘cleanout’. Nature’s ultimate detoxifier, cleanser and deodoriser. Nature’s richest source of Chlorofyll 60% protein and packed with enzymes, antioxidants, essential amino acids and other micronutrients.

Lifestream Chlorella helps to cleanse and detoxify the body
Flushes out stored waste and pollutants

Helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals

Acts as an internal cleanse

Refreshes the bowel and breath

Helps to reduce body odour

Contains chlorophyll which has antioxidant and neutralising properties

Lifestream Chlorella Nutritional Information

Serving Size = 2g

(This is 10 x 200mg mini tablets, 4 capsules or one level teaspoon of powder)
 Quantity Per 2g
 Quantity Per 100g
    Chlorophyll  74 mg            3710 mg
    Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF)  403 mg      20.15 mg
    Essential Fatty Acids  158 mg      7900 mg
    Beta carotene  2.2 mg      110 mg
    Vitamin C  1.9 mg      95.3 mg
    Mixed Tocopherols  450 mcg      22.5 mg
    Vitamin B1  30 mcg      1.7 mg
    Vitamin B2  110 mcg      5.7 mg
    Vitamin B3  650 mcg      32.4 mg
    Vitamin B6  50 mcg      2.5 mg
    Vitamin D  18 mcg      910 mg
    Vitamin K  22 mcg      1.12 mg
    Folic Acid  48 mcg      2.4 mg
    Biotin  6 mcg      291 mcg


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