Linatox Oral A food supplement for the skin 100ml.


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Linatox Oral A food supplement for the skin 100ml

For adults and children prone to dry itchy skin

Linatox is ideal for people looking to supplement their diet with the essential fatty acid Linoleic acid. An adequate balance of fatty acids in the diet may help keep skin in good condition.

Linatox Suitability

Vegetarians: yes


During Pregnancy- Expectant mums should always seek medical advice as no scientific studies have been done with these ingredients/formulation proving safety during pregnancy.

lactose Intoerant:yes

gluten Intolerant: Yes

Nut Allergies: NO


Hazelnt(Corylus avellana)oil,Sunflower(Helianthus annuus) oil,Antioxidant (alphatocopherol)Polysorbate 80,Natural strawberry flavouring

Directions for use;

Adults:take orally 6ml of linatox before your main meal of the day

Children(5-12) Half the adult intake.

Linatox is a dietary vegetable oil with a standardised content of 500mg/ml of linoleic Acid(Triglyveride) and with a low content of gamma -linolenic acid. 

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