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Constipation has become an increasingly common problem as our modern-day lifestyle brings on poor eating habits and stress. As one naturopath famously said: “What imports into the body one day should be exported the next”.

Natural herbal constipation remedies such as those found in Linoforce (made from linseeds, senna and frangula), have been used for decades for the relief of constipation. Linoforce is one of Alfred Vogel’s very first remedies. 

Linoforce granules – a traditional herbal medicinal product for the short term relief of occasional constipation based on traditional use only. Always read the leaflet.

Linoforce is a licensed herbal constipation remedy.

Each dose (4.1g) of Linoforce contains:

  • 1.76g of whole Linseed
  • 0.43 – 0.70g of Senna leaf
  • 36 – 58mg of Frangula bark

Each dose of Linoforce corresponds to 20.5mg of hydroxyanthracenederivatives (calculated as sennoside B)

Take 1 level spoonful (spoon provided) at night along with a glass of water or juice. Take at least 150ml of fluid and in general, make sure you drink plenty of water.

Like all constipation remedies available without prescription, do not use LInoforce for more than 1 week. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor if you have not already done so. Constipation remedies should not be used as an aid to long-term weight loss.

Do not use Linoforce to relieve your constipation if you:

  • Are under 12 years old
  • Are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product
  • Experience severe or persistent tummy pain, sickness (or feel nauseous) with unknown causes
  • Notice a sudden change in your bowel habits persisting for more than 2 weeks
  • Suffer or notice blood in your stools
  • Have a chronic bowel condition
  • Are dehydrated
  • Are a woman and have a hormonally dependent tumour
  • Have already tried other constipation remedies which have not worked
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are taking prescribed medicines for a heart condition, a diuretic, medicines to slow contractions of the bowel, or those which induce QT prolongation, adrenocorticosteroids or liquorice root confectionery
  • Have been told by your doctor that you have an intolerance to some sugars
  • Have a kidney disorder as this product may cause an electrolyte imbalance

If you find that you need to use constipation remedies every day, see your doctor before taking Linoforce. It may not be suitable for you.


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