Linusit Gold Golden Linseed 1000g


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Linusit Gold Golden Linseed 1000g

Linusit Gold linseed is the market leading brand in this sector. It is the result of over 25 years of research and represents the finest quality available. Linusit Gold linseed is neither ground nor crushed, but split open to retain all the natural effective substances, and reduce the unpleasant oxidation effects on taste. This unique cracking process enables the seed to release the soothing mucins, coating the stomach walls and digestive tract and swell in the intestine for maximum benefit.

1. Contains no additives or preservatives

2. Gluten and lactose free

3. High content of essential polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids

4. Low in saturated fatty acids

5. Contains a balance of 60% soluble and 40% insoluble fibre

6. Coats the digestive tract with soluble fibre containing soothing mucins

7. Helps to maintain digestive regularity

8. Packed in special alu-foil bags to retain freshness and protect from light degradation

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