Liquidgrip 1.5oz (40 portions) 1.5 Ounce


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Liquidgrip 1.5oz (40 portions) 1.5 Ounce
Liquidgrip is a revolutionary agent which binds to the fatty acids on the hands instantly giving the user the worlds strongest grip EVER. Amazingly Liquidgrip leaves NO marks on gym equipment, lifting bars or even clothes. Unlike chalk and other grip solutuions there is no need to re-apply – one coating lasts hours. That handy 1.5oz bottle has a carabiner to clip on to gym bags and is refillable via the great value 8oz bottle. Liquidgrip is 100% natural and anti-bacterial for improved hygiene.
How long does it last?
A small amount goes a long way! Typically the sodium potassium will break down the all natural ingredients within 90 minutes
Why use Liquid Grip?
Liquid Grip is an exceptional drying agent giving you the dry hands you want and the rosin tack you need when your palms begin to sweat. Its revolutionary formula allows the desiccants “chalk-rosin” to bind to the fatty acids instead of drying them out as normal chalk and rosin due leaving a barrier of grip on the users hands while leaving no messy dust or residue.

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