Lomaherpan (Lomabrit Lip Cream 5g)


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Lomaherpan (Lomabrit Lip Cream 5g)

Damaged, dry or chapped lips can create problems for health and wellbeing at any time of year, but particularly in Winter, so keeping lips in good condition at this time of year is always essential.

Regular use of LomaBrit Lip Salve moisturises and protects lips to help keep them in good condition and looking healthy.

The active ingredients in LomaBrit include an extract of Melissa (Lemon Balm) – a herb well-known for its restorative qualities since ancient times. The moisturising layer provided by regular applications of LomaBrit both helps to keep lips in good condition and also provides a protective barrier to help maintain healthy lips.

LomaBrit Lip Balm is available as a Lip Salve, supplied in a convenient 4.7g applicator, and is also available if preferred as a 5.0g Lip Cream.

Exposure to strong sunlight has been identified as a factor that can cause damage to sensitive lips, so LomaBrit Lip Salve contains a Factor 15 sunscreen for added protection.

LomaBrit will be removed from the lips throughout a normal day’s activity, such as eating or drinking, so it is recommended that LomaBrit is re-applied at intervals during the day to maintain protection.

LomaBrit is neutral in colour and is virtually undetectable. It can therefore be used in conjunction with make-up, and normal lipstick can easily be applied directly over LomaBrit Lip Salve.

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