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Poor gut function can contribute to symptoms associated with digestive disorders. The ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food effectively is one of the cornerstones of good health. The Gut Health Test enables you to learn more about the ecology of your gut. 

Key benefits: 


  • Comprehensive gut profile for bacteria moulds and fungi 
  • Easy to use, single sample stool test
  •  Laboratory analysed results Nutritionist telephone consultation included

Gut Health Test Results:

  • The Gut Health Test is a service that helps monitor the status of your gut health and provides detailed information to help you to optimise your digestive health.
  •  Your laboratory analysed test results are presented as a detailed chart (ecogram) that can be handed to your GP or Healthcare Practitioner. 
  • Your unique ‘gut health index’ score will show how far you can go to optimise your gut health, and help monitor improvements. 
  • A personalised plan based on your test results is also included, with in depth advice on diet and lifestyle changes written by a BANT* qualified nutritionist. 
  • A gut health guidebook which includes general advice and support information. One 30 minute telephone consultation with a BANT* qualified nutritionist who will go through your results in detail and work with you to develop a new diet plan (if required).


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