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A traditional herbal blend to help maintain normal body fluid balance.


Every women knows that daunting feeling when a favourite skirt feels tight and the zipper fights closing time. Many find at certain times in life or perhaps with each monthly cycle they retain fluid in the body, but for a lot of women bloating in the abdomen causes most discomfort. Each of the chosen herbs in Lowater may help to normalise the imbalance of fluid in the body.


Suitable for vegetarians



                  Buchu Ext. 3.1 equivalent to            45mg

                  UVA URSI Ext. 3.1 equiv. to             45mg

                   Dandelion Root Powder  BHP 1996   100mg

                  Parsley Piert Ext. 3.1 equiv. to          45mg


  Other Ingredients:  Sucrose, Lactose, and Sodium Starch Glycollate and Cayenne




  Adults & Elderly           –   Two tablets night and morning.

  Children                      –   Not recommended.

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60 tablets

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