Maca Mixed 30ml


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Tincture of Maca (Lepidium meyenii) red and black root. Min Dry Herb Potency Ratio 1:3. Each 3ml (60 drops) recommended daily dosage contains Maca alcohol water extract which is the equivalent of 1000mg Maca black/red root. Calibrated dropper for easy dispensing. Bottle contains approx 600 drops.

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Take 60 drops, 2 times daily in 120ml water. Start with a lower dose of 15 drops and. when needed move up to the 60 drops unless otherwise advised by your practitioner. Maximum 120 drops per day.


Pure Cane Alcohol, Osmotic Water, Maca (Lepdium meyenii) root (50% black Maca, 50% red Maca) from Peru


If you have a hormone sensitive condition consult with your doctor or practitioner before use.


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