MAG 365 Magnesium Oil 237ml




Delivers high levels of magnesium directly through the skin to the cellular level, bypassing common intestinal and kidney symptoms associated with oral magnesium supplementation. This Magnesium Gel and Rub are derived from the ocean. In essence, you are getting natural ocean water in its most condensed form.

The gelling agent is an all natural polysaccharide and is highly tolerant of the high mineral content of the Magnesium Rub. It can retain its qualities in hot or cold conditions, and it has almost unlimited shelf-life stability. 

Usage Advice: 

Apply directly to appropriate area. Massage Magnesium Rub into skin. A slight tingling may be experienced initially. If undue redness or sting is experienced, dilute with water or apply to wet skin. Alternatively use 30-60ml in a tub or foot bath; soak for at least 20 minutes.

Recommended Use: 

As a magnesium supplement; providing magnesium by absorption through the skin. Can also be used to moisturize and refresh the skin, as a natural under arm deodorant, toner, or spa bath mineral.


Concentrated seawater with the sodium removed, polysaccharide gel (Amigel; all natural sources.)

Each ml contains 225mg magnesium chloride.

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