Magnessage magnetic field therapy device


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Magnessage magnetic field therapy device

new magnetic massager contains a neodymium magnet that operates at between 5000 – 6000 RPM. It is built with a heavy duty aluminium case and offers easy access to massaging relief together with the benefit of natural energies.

Built originally to provide for the market in the USA and Canada this product is at last available in the UK. A cordless magnetic massager that will work immediately it is required – even on the move! Now you can receive the benefits of pulsed magnetic therapy from the privacy and comfort of your own home because a moving magnet penetrates deeper into tissue and bone than a static magnet.

This device provides the receiver with a powerful and effective magnetic treatment and takes just three AA batteries to power the unit and can safely be used on all parts of the body.

Magnet Field Therapy is not a miracle cure or the answer to every health problem but it is a very useful therapy with proven health benefits. The Magnessage has a unique field of penetration up to 45cms/18 inches which makes it equally effective when used either in direct contact with the body or above the surface of the skin.

Research has shown this kind of therapy to be an entirely painless way to treat both internal and external conditions, allowing waste products and toxins to be released more rapidly and effectively from the system, which leads to improved cell function

Up until recently this kind of self-treat therapy has been out of the price range of many people. However as technology has evolved and improved so has the opportunity to purchase pain relieving devices at an affordable price.

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