Manuka Honey Drops with Propolis 15’s


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Combines the natural goodness of pure New Zealand propolis & high grade MGO400+ Manuka honey in a tasty lozenge.
Propolis is a natural substance made by bees to sterilise & protect the hive against infection.
With added vitamin C.
Individually wrapped lozenge.
No artificial colours or flavours.

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Dissolve one lozenge in the mouth and repeat as required up to 5 times daily.


Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, MGO 400+ Manuka Honey, Aqua, Propolis, Lemon oil – natural flavour, Vitamin C

Storage Instructions

Please store this product in cool, dry conditions.


Propolis may cause allergic reaction in allergy sufferers. Not to be given to children under 6 years of age.


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