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Maxislim Plus 75 caps
New and Improved Version with added Acai and Chilli
Maxislim is a proven natural weight
loss supplement designed to be used
as part of a healthy nutritional program.
If you want to lose weight your body needs to
use more calories than you consume, which
means that the body starts to use up stored fat
as energy. As we age our natural metabolic rate
declines, so we are not as efficient at using up
the calories we have consumed. This is why it
is so much harder to lose weight as we age. By
increasing your metabolic rate it can enable us
to burn up stored fat reserves and use consumed
calories for heat and energy.
One way of increasing metabolism is exercise the
other is by using a thermogenic supplement, such
as Maxislim.
Maxislim’s combination of thermogenic and
appetite suppressing ingredients with other
synergistic supplements has proven to be
successful in helping reach weight loss goals.
 Boost Weight Loss
 Increase Energy Levels
 Aid Training.
The Key Factors to help you lose weight
 Follow a healthy balanced diet
 Increase your activity
 Supplement with Maxislim
 Drink at least 1  litres of water a day to
increase Maxislim’s effetiveness.
Maxislim Contains:
L-Tyrosine is an amino acid which is the
precursor of several neurotransmitters,
including adrenaline. Due to this, L-Tyrosine
can play a role in speeding up your
metabolism. L-Tyrosine naturally suppresses
the appetite and helps the thyroid gland to
function more effectively.
Green Tea contains compounds such as
theophylline and caffine, both which have
been shown to enhance the rate of fat
metabolism. Green Tea is also a powerful
antioxidant working well alongside CLA
due to its caffeine compound.
Caffeine works on the central nervous
system as a stimulant and accelerates the
effectiveness of CLA, thus making CLA a
more potent fat burner.
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a
naturally occurring fatty acid that contains
no stimulants. CLA may help to reduce body
fat and increase muscle mass. It reduces fat
storage after meals and helps to increase
the breakdown of fat during exercise.
Research supports the long-term use of CLA
in effectively reducing body fat levels.
Guarana Seed Extract contains a form of
caffeine called guaranine, which is 2.5
times stronger than caffeine found in coffee
and tea. It is known to stimulate the central
nervous system and increase metabolic rate.
Guarana has been shown to stimulate the
migration of lipids so that fat can be burned
as energy. It reduces appetite, aiding weight
loss and enhancing physical and mental
performance. Guarana also has a mild
diuretic effect which can help reduce
water retention.
5-HTP in addition to helping increase
serotonin levels to improve the mood 5-HTP
has been used in suppressing appetite and
relieving symptoms of Seasonal Affective
Disorder (SAD).
Vitamin B6 helps with the assimilation of
Bioperine PowderTM increases metabolism by
burning calories quicker and increases
the absorption of nutrients.
Cayenne Powder increases the body’s heat
production through thermogenesis and boosts
the breakdown of fat and carbohydrates.
Cayenne also stimulates the sympathetic
nervous system that aids in appetite
Chromium Picolinate is an essential mineral. It
regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism to
maintain normal blood sugar levels. It is well
known for helping to reduce sugar cravings.
Chromium reduces body fat and increases
lean body mass to assist weight loss.
Maxislim is a safe natural effective weight loss supplement. It should be used alongside a healthy diet, preferably
with exercise that suits your lifestyle. If you are suffering from any medical condition or taking medication please
seek advice from your GP before commencing on any exercise or supplement program. Do not take if you are
pregnant or breastfeeding, are taking any medication, suffer from heart conditions, thyroid problems, high blood
pressure, diabetes, or are under the age of 18.

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