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Mei Mei Baby Lotion

A light, non-greasy, deep acting lotion that provides a deep penetrating protection against dryness of the face and body.

So gentle and kind to both you & your baby’s skin  

Mei Mei Baby Lotion leaves a soft, silky protective film on the skin. It can be used as a cleanser for babies nappy area. This lotion is also suitable for teenagers and adults with sensitive skin and can be applied as a cleanser to remove dirt and makeup.

 Main Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Squalene (derived from olive oil).

Directions: Apply to body and face as required. Apply Mei Mei Baby Lotion to cotton wool for cleansing the nappy area. When used as a cleanser to remove makeup, apply onto the fingertips and massage with gentle strokes and wipe clean.

By using the Mei Mei Baby Care Series,

you can be assured that:

  • Free from petrochemicals
  • Free from hazardous chemical materials
  • Derived from natural ingredients
  • BFA Certified Organic product

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