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Metasys Green Tea  Programme 120 caps
Experts agree that the only sensible method of weight loss is to increase exercise and lower calorie intake. However, Green Tea has been used for centuries in the Far East as an aid to digestion. It was in 1996 when a particular scientist discovered that Green Tea had the potential of significantly improving weight loss.
The Metasys Weight Loss Programme, launched in December 2001, has harnessed the power of Green Tea in a capsule that is taken twice daily. The major chemical component of the green tea leaf is a group of phyto-chemicals known as catechols. Clinical studies have shown that the Metasys Green Tea Extract, (uniquely formulating these phyto-chemicals), works as an activator of thermogenesis, increasing metabolism, causing the body to burn off more energy/fat. In addition acting as a specific inhibitor of digestive lipases, causing fat oxidisation which in turn reduces a sensible percentage absorption of fats.
The Metasys uniquely formulated green tea extract has taken a combined team of sixty scientists and in excess of three years worth of research and development. In clinical studies patients lost an average of 3.5kilos over a three months period without change to their diet or exercise habits and with no adverse side effects. It must be understood however that simply drinking green tea does not produce these results – the brewing process would lose any potential of such benefits even if one could drink the daily 100 cups required.
The Metasys Green Tea Extract has been the subject of several international scientific publications that suggest that it has remarkable benefits for comprehensive health and weight management. Many healthcare professionals in the UK using Metasys for their patients report that it is well tolerated with no known adverse side effects.
A study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1999 noted that volunteers used more energy and stored less fat than those given caffeine or a placebo. A French study published in 2002 by Phytomedicine revealed that over a 90 day period of taking the Metasys green tea extract, 66 patients lost an average of 3.5 kilos and 4cm from their abdomens, without increasing their heart rate or blood pressure.
The launch of Metasys clearly marks a transition in the slimming sector, where other products promise overnight miracle cures with unrealistic results, Metasys acknowledges the need for a complete plan that promotes a change of lifestyle to ensure the pounds come off and stay off.
The Metasys Weight Loss Programme has full dietary recommendation. This can be found in the booklet that accompanies every pack of Metasys.
Green Tea has numerous other well-known health benefits. It’s strong anti-oxidant properties can help counteract mental and physical fatigue and it is also believed to have other health enhancing properties including lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
Q: How much weight can I expect to lose?
A: The Clinical Trials show that Metasys capsules alone, with no restriction of dietary Energy Intake and no increase in physical Energy Expenditure loses on average 3.5kilos (8.4lbs) of body fat over 90 days.
Results from following The full Metasys Weight Loss Programme indicate an average loss of 5kilos (12lbs) of body fat in the first 60 days or so.
Metasys has been expertly designed as a Three Month Programme (90 days) to provide safe, sensible weight loss and we therefore do generally recommend that individuals do not expect too much within the first six weeks or so.
As everybody’s metabolic rate is and reacts differently and as every individual’s make up differs from person to person, the weight loss rate of each individual will depend on various factors such as age, weight-height ratio, Body Mass Index and lifestyle.
Q: Once I have achieved my desired weight will I have to keep taking Metasys?
A: Once the weight is off it should remain off, as long as you eat healthily and exercise. Some people choose to stay on Metasys once in a while to maintain their weight, it can be so easy to go back to old habits!
Q: How does Metasys work?
A: Metasys contains 100% Green Tea Extract which has an effect on the body’s metabolism (the rate of which it burns calories) this effect causes the body to burn off more fat. Also the Metasys capsules will prevent the body from storing too much fat. Combined with the rest of the Programme, the result is a slimmer, healthier figure.
Q: What kind of diet do I need to follow?
A: The Metasys Weight-Loss Programme has a full dietary recommendation, this can be found in the booklet that accompanies every box of Metasys.
Q: Are there any side affects of taking Metasys?
A: If Metasys is not taken with food and a glass of water, there is a small possibility of Diahorrea. Throughout our extensive medical research, only two cases were recorded. The main ingredient of Metasys is Green Tea Extract, a natural product. Of course you should always consult your doctor before going on any kind of slimming product.
Q: Can I take Metasys if I am pregnant?
A: It is not recommended that you take any kind of supplement other than those prescribed by your doctor.
Q: Does Metasys work for men as well as women?
A: Yes it does. Fat is fat. Men have had some great results from using Metasys.
Ingredients Per Capsule
Patented Standardised Green Tea extract with 25% catechols expressed as epigallocatechol gallate: 375, Anti-caking agents: silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate of vegetable origin. Capsule shell: hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose.
Typical Analysis
Each capsule provides: Camellia sinensis extract 375mg

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