Mia Rose Air Therapy 5 Pack (135 ml)


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Mia Rose Air Therapy 5 Pack  (136 ml)

Air Therapy is a 100% natural purifying mist for the air you breathe, with aromatherapeutic benefits. Air Therapy is distilled from the purest essential citrus oils available, nothing else. Each spray contains millions of electrical charges, or ions, which attract, neutralize and eliminate odors, smoke, airborne pollutants and since it is made from "Real Citrus" keeps insects away (fleas, fly’s ants.) One Spray Does it! Last for Hours!

HOUSEHOLD: HOMES and AUTOMOBILES, spray into closets, ashtrays, under seats.Spray directly into FANS, ventilation systems. Air conditioning units, filters.

GARAGES, CAMPERS, WORKROOMS (Tar, kerosene and paint smells.) Use for AFTER-FIRE ODORS, BURNED FOOD and FISH smells.



PLANTS BOATS (pour into bilge and waste holding tanks.)

SPAS, BEAUTY SALONS (perm and acrylic nail odors.)

Strong enough for KENNELS, CAGES and STABLES. Use after fumigation or flea bombing. Mix directly into cat litter. Spray directly on area where STUBBORN and SOUR odors persist or MILDEW STAINS or MUSTY odors are present.

Use by itself or in conjunction with automatic plug-in type air purifiers by lightly spraying the filters that are contained within the machine.


ORIGINAL ORANGE PART USED: Essential oil, fresh zest Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Purification, Joy, Calming, Sedative, Soothing Relief from Stress. The colored portion of the peel or the essential oil releases the familiar, sweet, citrusy odor.

 Like neroli, this fragrance is ideal for self-purification, transforming personal atmosphere and environment into peace and joy, and produces an increase in available bioelectrical energy needed for mundane and magical working.

KEY LIME (Citrus aurantifolia) PART USED: Essential oil, fresh zest Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Purification, Physical Energy, Invigorating, and Promotes Awareness. The true essential oil captures the pungent citrus scent of the fruit. We use the zest by grating off the colored portion of a ripe lime.

The scent of lime is curiously similar to and yet so different from that of lemon. It is full-boiled and possesses a sharpness that makes it instantly recognizable to anyone who’s ever smelled the fresh fruit or peeling. Like all citrusy scents, it is effective in personal purification. The powerful aroma also energizes and revitalizes the body. It can be used, with appropriate visualizations, for personal protection.

SILVER SPRUCE PART USED: Essential oil, fresh needles, small twigs Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Stimulant, Physical energy, Relieves Anxiety and Stress. The crisp scent of a forest just after a rain stimulating the thinking while the body rests and relaxes.

Creates a comfortable "at home" feeling. Elevates your emotions, yet instills a grounding effect. Combined with Orange acts as a natural bacteriostat. Repels negativity.

SPEARMINT PART USED: Essential oil, fresh leaves Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Anti-Depressant, Stimulates Healing and Creates Harmony. The fresh scent of spearmint inhaled with visualization to speed healing of the body.

 Use the fragrance to key into your bioelectrical energy, redirecting it towards the healing process.

VIBRANT VANILLA PART USED: Essential oils, vanilla beans Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Energize Emotions and Soothing Aphrodisiac. Inhaling the scent of Vanilla will remind you of home cooking, sweet baked goods, and it will calm, soothe and elevate passions.

Includes all 5 Great Mia Rose Air Therapies

Original Orange

Key Lime

Vibrant Vanilla ( 2 x 65ml)


Silver Spruce

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