Modern Herbals Himalayan Goji Juice 1ltr


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Modern Herbals Himalayan Goji Juice 1 litre

What is Himalayan Goji Juice ? 

Himalayan goji juice is the product of the fruit of the Himalayan native goji vine which has been grown in the Himalayan valleys for centuries. There are as many as 41 different varieties of the goji vine.

The juice from the goji berries has been used in Asian medicine for generations yet its nutritional benefits have for some time remained unheard of by the rest of the world. Some of the many benefits of this amazing juice are anti-ageing properties and weight loss to mention but a few.

�Many people have called this berry the happy berry for its ability to uplift and enhance ones mood. History of Himalayan Goji Juice Himalayan goji juice has a long history in China and the east and has been used for medicinal purposes for over 3000 years. Looking at the history of this miraculous juice we can see that the first healers to use this juice were in fact Himalayans. 

They in turn shared their knowledge with the herbalists in China, India and Tibet. When scientists began exploring the goji berry they discovered that not all varieties possessed the same healing powers and the correct strain of goji berry had to be determined in order to benefit from these healing powers. 

This determined variety is known by its Latin name Lycium Barbarum. The Benefits of Modern Herbals Himalayan Goji Juice Himalayan goji juice is said to have health promoting powers and is becoming well known as its anti ageing benefits are documented by numerous medical professionals.

�Many consider it be an excellent energy medicine that also helps to combat fatigue. Goji juice is packed full of highest amount of natural amino acids, antioxidants and polysaccharides. This juice contains 19 amino acids in total which help the body to create protein. 

This juice also contains more protein than that of whole wheat and vitamin C levels that are also reported to be higher than those contained in organs. This juice also contains a complete spectrum of antioxidants and carotenoids along with solvetivone which is a powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compound.

�Goji juice also contains essential fatty acids that are required for the body’s production of hormones and for the efficient functioning of the brain and nervous system making this juice a complete health promoting juice. Essential fatty acids cannot be produced by the body and therefore they must be supplemented through food or other sources.

�The many benefits of Himalayan goji juice include anti-ageing and weight loss. The weight loss that occurs from the use of goji juice is due to the natural suppressing of the bodies appetite. Research has shown that many of the world’s longest living people consume daily helpings of this juice and it is thought to be the world’s more powerful anti-ageing food.

Taking goji juice daily can help to promote health in all aspects of the body and for anyone suffering from tiredness or lowered immune function this miraculous juice can help to promote enhanced immune response. It can also help to fight the effects of fatigue and has also been proven to be useful in free radical prevention.

The goji berry is also known for its uplifting mood enhancing properties. Goji juice and its many wonderful benefits have been documented on numerous occasions in many leading health journals and research into the healing powers of Himalayan goji juice is ongoing. Cautions/Side Effects There are no known side effects to taking Himalayan goji juice.

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