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MorEPA Smartfats  High EPA Omega3

Contains Omega3 fish oil particularly high in EPA. Ideal for teens & adults to ensure an adequate daily intake of this essential fatty acid. A natural lemon flavoured capsule provides a pleasant taste. One hundred percent of the omega-3 content of MorEPA – and the gelatin – has been manufactured from deep-sea fish.

MorEPA – High Purity, Less Unnecessary Fat

Ordinary fish oil consists of 30% of omega-3 fatty acids that are valuable, and 70% of surplus fat.

500mg to 1000mg is the recommended daily amount of omega-3 fatty acids, so to achieve this you would need to take 1500mg to 3000mg of ordinary fish oil a day (i.e. 3 to 6 small oil capsules, or 1.5 to 3 large oil capsules).
The unnecessary fat simply increases the number of capsules you need to take and adds to your calorific intake. And may even have unwanted side effects (e.g. diarrhea, flatulence etc.)

MorEPA fish oil softgels, on the other hand, contain highly purified omega-3 fatty acids with a total of more than 75%……

Which Means that:

… the superfluous fat intake compared to fish oil can be reduced, and instead of three to five capsules a day you need only one MorEPA softgel.

If you prefer to eat a daily portion of fish as your sole source of EPA/DHA, then in order to reach 800mg of EPA/DHA (as recommended in a 2400 kcal diet), you would need to consume around 230 grams of oily fish or 860 grams of ordinary fish to reach this quantity.

MorEPA possesses very specific characteristics:

* MorEPA contains three times more EPA than ordinary fish oil
* Not less than 78% omega-3 fatty acids
* EPA/DHA ratio is at least 5.5:1
* MorEPA is less expensive
* MorEPA is 100% pure and natural
* Gelatin is from fish bones
* Rigorous purification by means of molecular distillation
* No aftertaste
* No trace of toxic elements

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