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Nasaleze Cold
Nasaleze Cold
Nasaleze is a unique and natural combination of odourless garlic and cellulose powder that delivers fast, effective protection against the common cold. Nasaleze guards against infection and reduces the misery of a cold. Contains powdered Wild Garlic extract (PGE) and inert natural cellulose powder of vegetable origin
Natural protection from airborne germs and viruses
Fast acting
Great tasting
30 day supply
Carry with you and take before entering a crowded environment
What is Nasaleze Cold?
Nasaleze Cold is a natural nasal powder spray containing a blend of cellulose, peppermint and odour controlled wild garlic that delivers fast, continuous protection from airborne germs that are inhaled via the nose.
By trapping, absorbing and neutralising air borne germs, Nasaleze Cold stops the causes of infection rather than just treating the symptoms. In addition, the peppermint gives the sensation of your airways opening up, allowing you to breathe easier.
Why Garlic?
The garlic used in Nasaleze Cold is odour controlled European wild garlic. This wild garlic extract contains copious amounts of ajoene, as our European wild garlic is odour controlled there is little taste to it.
Why Peppermint?
Of all species of mint, peppermint contains the most menthol, a phytochemical that has antibacterial and antiviral effects

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