Natural Health Practice D-Tox Support 165 g


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Natural Health Practice D-Tox Support 165 g 
D-Tox Support – For your Cleansing Programme Everyday life now bombards you with toxins and pollutants from the environment and often you can find overindulging in foods and drinks which can take a toil on your body. So your body can benefit from a helping hand to get rid of these toxins and give yourself a ‘spring clean’ not matter what the time of year. D-Tox Support is a useful botanical formulation to help support cleansing. It contains specific ingredients including flaxseeds and psyllium to help support healthy bowel function, chlorella to aid the elimination process, dandelion root to support your liver function as your liver is the waste disposal unit for your body, prune powder to help keep you regular and important probiotics for balancing digestive health and supporting your immune system. All these natural ingredients in an easy tasty combination to complement your cleansing programme. Vegetarian. Kosher.

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