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Natural Patches mosquito Repellent Patch

Each Natural Patches Insect Repellent Patch contains 75mg of Thiamine, a natural vitamin, this works with the bodies’ own chemistry to create an invisible barrier that shields from biting insects.

Thiamine is very hard to obtain through a balanced diet as the cooking process destroys most of the vitamin. The body typically needs less than 2mg of Thiamine per day for a healthy diet; excess Thiamine is passed through the urine, breath and skin, the latter being important. 75mg is much more Thiamine than the body requires and so it is expelled through the skin. Biting insects and in particular Mosquitoes dislike the smell of Thiamine to the extent that they will choose an alternative source of food, leaving the wearer of the patch bite free.

  • No Sprays or oily creams to apply.
  • Forms an invisible barrier that biting insects want to avoid.
  • Contains No DEET or harmful chemicals.
  • Protects from Mosquitoes and other biting insects for up to 36 hours.
  • Safe for all the family including infants from 12 months.
  • Does not contain any harmful or potentially harmful pesticides.
  • Will not lose effectiveness in water, even after or while showering or swimming.
  • Non-greasy, totally undetectable when worn beneath clothing.
  • Applied and removed in seconds without leaving any residue.
  • Tested by the Mosquito Control Board, Queensland, Australia and found to be
  • 96% effective!

Recommended for use on children over 12 months.

The Insect Repellent Patch is ideal for holidays, fishing, gardening, BBQ’s, Picnics and all outdoor activies.

PLEASE NOTE:- As with ALL Insect Repellents on the market, it is still possbile to get bitten! An Insect Repellent will reduce the amount of bites but NO Insect Repellent can guarantee no bites.

Directions To Apply

Apply one patch to a clean, dry, hairless area of skin. The OmeZone Insect Repellent Patch will become effective approximately two hours after application. One patch is effective for up to 36 hours.
After 36 hours replace with a new patch.

NaturalPatchesInsect Repellent Patch Ingredients

Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

Side Effects Of Using The Insect Repellent Patch

There are no side effects.

Excess Thiamine passes straight through the body in the urine, breath and skin.
This product is so safe, infants as young as 12 months old can use it.

Ideal for holidays, Fishing, Gardening, BBQ’s, Picnics and all outdoor activities.

Q. How much protection does each patch provide? Each patch provides 36 hours protection, thus a packet of 2 patches gives a total of 72 hours protection – ideal for a weekend camping, fishing or in the garden. A packet of 10 provides 15 days protection – ideal for a fortnight’s holiday.

Q. Can the patches be worn when pregnant? No – although the patches are 100% natural and only contain Vitamin B1 Thiamine we are not aware of any tests that have been carried out thus our directions for use are that they should only be used on by children aged one and above.

Q. How do the patches work? They are a method of administering Vitamin B1 Thiamine. They act as a reservoir

Q. How much Vitamin B1 does each patch contain?Each patch contains 75mg of thiamine. This is far greater than the RDA amount of 1.5mg. This is because the purpose of the patch is to provide the body with more Thiamine than it needs so that it then naturally gets rid of the excess thiamine through normal perspiration.

Q. If my body has to get rid of the excess thiamine will I perspire more?No

Q. Do the patches give off any odour – or will I give off any odour as my body gets rid of the excess thiamine. No – not noticeable by humans but noticeable by insects and they don’t like it!

Quantity :Pack of 10 (Full 15 Day Protection ideal for holidays)

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