Natural Toothpaste Whitening Fluoride Free Charcoal Peppermint 100ml


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Kurin fluoride free toothpastes use natural ingredients that work to keep teeth clean. The natural whitening formula uses COSMOS certified activated black charcoal to actively remove surface stains. The formulas harness the power of Xylitol to protect against cavities and plaque forming bacteria.

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Weight .1 kg


Apply a small amount to a Kurin bamboo toothbrush. Brush for three minutes, at least twice a day


Aqua, Sorbitol* (Moisture Retention), Hydrated Silica (Removes surface & reduces plaque), Glycerin* (Moisture Retention), Xylitol* (Sweetener & Cavity Protection), Lauryl Glucoside* (Surfactant), Natural Aroma – Peppermint* (Fresh Taste), Stevia Rebaudine Extract* (Sweetener), Activated Charcoal Compound (Activated Charcoal Powder* (Gentle Abrasive), Polyglycerol-10 Stearate (Solvent), Polyglycerol-10 Mystearate (Solvent), Polyglycerin-10 (Solvent), Sodium Dehydroacetate (Preservative), Citric Acid (pH Regulator)), Xanthan Gum* (Thickener), Limonene* (Aroma). *Plant derived ingredients


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