Natures Way Coconut Oil 1000mg


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Natures Way Coconut Oil 1000mg 1200 caps 
Coconut Oil Extra Virgin, Expeller-Pressed Oil. From premium coconuts. Non-hydrogenated fats in caps
Four capsules typically provide:
Extra virgin coconut oil 4,000 mg
Comprising: saturated fatty acids 3,500 mg
Of which: Lauric acid 1,902 mg
  Caprylic acid 298 mg
  Capric acid 284 mg
Four capsules provide 148kJ/36kcal energy  
Other ingredients: Gelatin (softgel), Glycerin, Purified water. 
This extract is free from gluten, artificial ingredients and preservatives.
Contains no soya, yeast, dairy, corn, sugar or salt.

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