Naturtint Vital 5 Hair Mask (200ml)


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Naturtint Vital 5 Hair Mask (200ml) VITAL 5 HAIR MASK is formulated with wheat, keratin and a natural protein complex to recover hairs lost vitality. Exclusive Protein Protective Coating technology ensures the cuticles are protected whilst the hair is treated from the deepest layers. 

The five vital benefits are; 

  1. Hydrolysed wheat proteins minimize the cuticles, close split ends & reduce hair breakage. 
  2. Hydrolysed vegetable proteins regenerate the hair structure from the cortex. 
  3. Moisturise – By helping to maintain the correct water balance, the hair is protected from sudden dehydration as a result of exposure to extremely dry environments or styling tools. 
  4. Heat Protection – Vitamin E from Canola Oil and phytosterols from Shea Butter protect the hair colour from free radicals. 
  5. Soften & shine – Keratin corrects the hairs structure & strengthens the cuticles. Use as a weekly or fortnightly treatment, as often as your hair requires. 

Free from parabens, silicone and SLS. 

Naturtint Vital 5 Hair Mask (200ml)

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