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Nelsons Arnicare Arnica Cream 50g

Natural First aid for brusies

Nelsons Arnica cream is an ideal first aid application, effective for all types of bruises resulting from injuries, knocks and falls. Especially prepared from the alpine plant arnica montana.

What is arnica?

Arnica Montana, the active ingredient used in Nelsons Arnicare, is a vibrant yellow flower, proven to be an effective bruise treatment with natural anti-inflammatory properties. Nelsons Arnicare helps minimise the appearance of new bruises and aids the healing of existing ones.  Harvested for centuries in the mountain peaks and marshes of Europe and North America, it is now also grown closer to home- on the rugged east coast of the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by sea lochs, hills and mountains. 

How does Arnica work?

Arnica extract is known to stimulate blood flow, so by rubbing Arnicare arnica cream onto a bruise, this will help reduce discolouration of the skin, stiffness and soreness associated with bruising.

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What is a bruise?

A bruise is essentially a blood clot, often caused by a blunt instrument, bump, knock or fall.  Bruises are not usually dangerous, the reason that they go a purple-like colour is because the capillaries in the area that has been knocked get damaged.  When these capillaries get damaged, blood seeps in to the tissue area around it- hence the purple coloured appearance of a bruise.

There are 5 stages to a bruise.  A fresh bruise is usually bluish purple, after a day or two it will turn blue. The bruise will turn brown to green then yellow and finally back to the normal skin colour as it heals.

What might bruise one person may not necessarily bruise another. It all depends on their tissue and whether the muscles are relaxed or taught underneath the skin.  Sometimes, bruising can be more serious and if you find that you keep getting bruises with no explanation as to how they happened, you should see your GP.

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Top tips for treating bruises

  • Raise the bruised area if possible as this will reduce blood flow to the bruised area
  •  Wrap a bag of ice (or frozen peas) in a cloth and gently place over the affected area- remember to keep removing at regular intervals to avoid damaging the skin
  • Eat foods high in bioflavonoids. A bioflavonoid’s primary job is to protect the capillaries; keep them strong to prevent bleeding. Bioflavonoids are also anti-inflammatory. Lemons, green peppers, broccoli and rose hips are good sources and for the best absorption into the body, take with Vitamin C
  • Apply Nelsons Arnicare gently to the bruised area, avoiding any broken skin. Arnica has long been valued as a remedy for bruises and sprains as it has great anti-inflammatory properties
  • Cabbage has traditionally been used for medical purposes as well as for cooking. It has anti-inflammatory properties and contains chemicals which can help prevent cancer. Applied to bruises and swelling, macerated cabbage leaves will encourage healing

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