Neuner’s Organic Baby Stomach Ease Tea


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Neuner’s Organic Baby Stomach Ease Tea

Baby Stomach Ease Tea is a traditional mixture of organic herbs known for its pleasant and calming effect to the baby stomach. Since 125 years mothers trust Neuner’s herbal tea to help calm an upset stomach. Neuner’s Baby tea may help to relieve colic and wind. Aniseed, fennel, chamomile, caraway have been used throughout the world for colic since generations.Thyme is antiseptic and helpful with colic but is also benificial for coughs and colds.

All the herbs are carefully selected, premium organic quality, tried-and-tested herbs and a great drink for every baby or toddler. All toddlers love to have their own baby tea in the cupboard.


Ingredients: Anise (30%), fennel (27%), caraway (25%), chamomile 13%), thyme (5%)
organically grown herbs, 100% natural, no added flavourings, sugar-free, caffeine-free
20 seal-wrapped tea bags each with 2g (total of 40g)

How to use: You could either give your baby a teaspoon or more (depends on the age of the baby) before every bottle feed or use the cooled baby tea to prepare your formula milk. If you are breast feeding your baby you can drink Neuner’s Baby Stomach Ease tea yourself to give the effect through your milk. After starting to wean your baby this organic baby tea can be given just in a normal drinking cup or bottle.
You can feed Neuner’s Baby Stomach Ease straight away to calm your baby from the 1st week on by following the quantity advice:

0 – 3½ months 20 ml per day
3 – 6½ months 20 – 40ml per day
6 – 12 months 40 – 60 ml per day
12 -18 months 100 ml per day
18 months onward up to 250ml a day. The rest of the organic baby tea will also do mum good

Please add no sugar to the baby tea as this could cause tooth decay. We also recommend Neuner’s Organic Baby Stomach Ease Tea to drink while breastfeeding as it is also relaxing for the mother and the baby. The baby tea is also suitable for adults to help digestion after a heavy meal.

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