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New Era Combination H  
Combination H – the natural help for hayfever
Nowadays more and more hayfever sufferers are turning to natural homoeopathically prepared remedies for help.
The leading natural hayfever remedy is New Era Combination H:
It is a homoeopathically prepared remedy
There are no side effects from the active ingredients
It is simple to take
There is no danger of overdone
A small percentage of people are sensitive to lactose, which forms the base of the tablets, and those people should check with their doctor before taking Combination H
Combination H is a blend of three homoeopathically prepared ingredients to help relieve hayfever symptoms gently and safety. The tablets are pleasant tasting and dissolve instantly to get to work straight away
How and when to take combination H
Have the tablets handy before the Hayfever season starts. As soon as you experience any symptoms take four tablets three times a day by dissolving them on your tongue. You should tip the tablets into the lid of the tub and then straight into your mouth – homoeopathic preparations are best if not contaminated by handling. Combination H can be taken all through the hayfever season. When your symptoms, and the pollen count start decrease, you can gradually tail off the dosage.
New Era Combination H Biochemic Tissue Salt (PL 1010/5019)
Active Constituents (in homoeopathic potencies)
Equal proportions�
Mag. Phos. (Magnesium Phosphate B.P.C. 1949) 6X
Nat. Mur. (Sodium Chloride Ph. Eur.) 6X
Silica (Silicon Dioxide) 6X
Also contains lactose�
Indications: A Homoeopathically prepared Biochemic Remedy for Hay Fever.
Adults 4 tablets 3 times daily
Children 1-2 tablets 3 times daily
Tablets to be dissolved on the tongue
Take 3 doses a day
Increase dose to every half hour if needed

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