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(Improved Pure Focus formulation) now has 25 x more Zeaxanthin, plus Gingko & Bilberry extracts.
This Lutein and Zeaxanthin sublingual spray has significantly more benefits than tablets or capsules, as it is more bioavailable to the cells. It can be difficult for the digestive system to absorb capsules or tablets, especially if a digestive problem exists.New studies indicate higher levels of Zeaxanthin to be beneficial.

The following are excerpts from the book “10 Steps to Your Natural Eye Health.”

Eye doctors in the USA have used this formula to help patients improve vision and prevent loss due to Macular Degeneration.’

Lutein and Zeaxanthin filter light and serve as potent free radical scavengers for the retina. Ginkgo Biloba improve blood flow to the blood vessels in the eye, as well as improving the utilization of glucose and oxygenation, increasing ATP production, and preventing vasoconstriction to the brain and retina (and improving memory). Bilberry, improves the integrity of the veins and capillaries.’

The macular pigment, composed of Lutein and Zeaxanthin, functions as a color filter to protect the light-sensitive photoreceptor cells (responsible for visual acuity) from ultraviolet-light-originated free radical damage. Recent studies have shown an even greater need for Zeaxanthin, and so we have now increased the content to the highest available.

This improved formulation developed in 1996 contains Ginkgo Biloba, Lutein, and a 25 times increase of Zeaxanthin. The objective was to make the most effective delivery system. The results have far exceeded the expectations of all those concerned. Now NewFocus™ is an international best-seller. Doctors and their patients in the USA have used adjectives like “miraculous” to describe the improvements after using the Lutein formulation for a brief 2 to 4 month

The main benefits from using New Focus are:

* Reduced glare
* Reduced visual fatigue
* Improved night vision
* Improved contrast
* Improved acuity
* Brighter colors
* A clearer view


2 full droppers (approximately 2ml) of New Focus provides: Lutein 10mg , Vitamin B3 5mg, Vitamin E 4iu,L-Taurine 5mg, Zeaxanthin 2.5mg, Vinpocetine 1mg, Bilberry extract 5mg, Gingko Biloba (24% Extract)1mg. Full ingredients: Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Lutein Extract, L-Taurine, Optisharp Zeaxanthin, Proprietary blend of Bilberry Fruit Extract and Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Liposome Proprietary Blend: Phosphatidylcholine (from non GMO sunflower oil) glycerin complex, non GMO oleic acid, Purified water, natural flavours, citric acid, xylitol, stevia extract, gum arabic, xanthan gum and potassium sorbate.




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