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Nightly Detox Foot Patches

Nightly Detox Foot Patches are the painless, effortless way to detox. You simply stick a pad to the bottom of your feet, put on a pair of socks and go to bed. It really is that easy. The patches are worn on the feet because in Oriental medicine, the feet are considered to be the second heart, as they help the circulation of blood and lymph return back up into the torso. Nightly Detox Patches release a high concentration of natural herbs regularly and slowly into the deep layers of your skin, supporting your immune system, increasing blood circulation and the body’s natural cleansing process. In the morning you will awake feeling refreshed and invigorated. You simply peel-off the patch and throw away.
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Toxins are unwanted impurities that can prevent proper blood circulation and block waste-carrying channels. The result is that toxins accumulate and prove difficult for your eliminatory organs to cope with. Detoxification enhances the body’s immune system, improves blood circulation and encourages our bodies to naturally detoxify over time. That’s where Nightly Detox Patches come in. HOW TO DETOX: Each foot patch is supplied with an adhesive sheet. Before bed simply place a patch on the bottom of each foot and use the adhesive sheet to hold the patch in place. Put on a pair of socks. In the morning remove the socks and adhesive along with the patches. The patch will be damp and have changed into a brownish colour. This colour is not an evidence of toxins, but the colour of resin in the adhesive sheet. Patches are transdermal, meaning that ingredients are absorbed directly into the blood stream. Do not use while pregnant – as this is a natural product it may cause an allergic reaction in some pregnant mothers.

e a patch on each foot before bed, using adhesive patch supplied

Bamboo Vinegar, Oak Vinegar, Tourmaline Bio Stone, Vitamin C, Starch, Agaricus Mushroom. FDA Approved
Size 10 patches

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