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Noni100, 100% Noni Juice Liquid (32 fl oz (946.3 ml)

100% Pure, Aged Wild Harvested Noni Juice Pure Juice from Morinda citrifolia fruit Not from concentrate No additives Dietary Supplement Because NONI100 is 100% pure aged wild harvested Noni and contains no fillers, sweeteners, artificial flavorings or artificial ANYTHING, it has a distinctively strong Noni smell and taste. Noni100 can be taken by itself or you can mix this strong pure Noni juice with your favorite natural Fruit Juice. Your Noni drink should not be overly sweet when you mix it, but should have a very slight Noni bite to it. 

If you need to dilute NONI100 with fruit juice, do so sparingly. Eventually you should reduce or eliminate the amount of additional fruit juice and take straight NONI100. NONI100 can be mixed with our popular GOJI100 for a Super Tonic. Genesis Today is proud to manage, oversee, and fund our very own wild harvested Noni farms located exclusively in remote, tropical volcanic regions of the world. This ensures that we are able to offer you the worlds best Noni juice from our farms to your local health food store at the very best price. The Noni fruit in this product is cultivated as a wild harvested crop using no pesticides or fertilizers
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