Norstar Magnetic Mattress Pad single/double/king/queen

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Norstar Magnetic Mattress Pad single/double/king/queen

A truly remarkable product to enhance your lifestyle. Whether used to improve general health, or for specific conditions the Norstar sleep system will be your greatest friend.

The mattress pad bathes you in deeply relaxing magnetic fields to help you get a better night’s sleep. As your body downloads the day’s events these hours are crucial to well being.

Ceramic magnets built into a comfortable quilted pad.

manufacturer power rating
3,950 gauss

Single Bed Size 36"x78"/300 magnets.

Double Bed Size 56"x78"/450 magnets.

Queen/King Bed Size 64"x78"/600 magnets.

Just why are magnetic mattress pads such an incredible investment for your future health?

They are so because unlike "spot" magnets, the mattress pads bathes EVERY MUSCLE, CELL AND ORGAN in your body with a gentle magnetic field that is safe, natural and ESSENTIAL to our well being. A good mattress pad will last 15-20 years and require no effort to use them. Over 30% of Japanese sleep on magnetic mattress pads.
Over 30% of the population does not get adequate sleep. Most people know that sleep provides physical rest, but what else does it provide;
  • Repair: some enzymes will switch on protein production for physical repair functions. Melatonin, secreted by the pineal gland, reaches a maximum about an hour after we fall into deep sleep. Only then do the body’s repair functions respond and go into full swing.
  • Nourishment: blood carries nutrients and oxygen around the system while it is relaxed and receptive.
  • Cleaning: the lymph system picks up waste from the cells and activates the immune system. 3 hours sleep loss equates to a 50% reduction in our immune systems activity.
If we do not get the correct amount of sleep, we will simply be losing our and getting older and sicker at a faster rate than is necessary. Magnetic Sleep Systems do work! They require no effort on your part, simply go to bed, get a good night’s rest and wake feeling relaxed and ready to go!.

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