Norstar Techno Amulet

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Norstar Techno Amulet

The Techno Amulet is a truly ‘state of the art’ magnetic bracelet. Using polished stainless steel and a tensile strap, the Techno Amulet brings important magnetic benefits from its two powerful ½" neodymium magnets. Positioned back to back inside the casing, the magnets are deliberately allowed free movement.

The Techno Amulet has been designed to look modern and dynamic, but still offering the body natural healing.
Wear the Amulet as often and for as long as you choose, the benefits will increase with use.
manufacturer power rating
12,300 gauss core/1,200 – 1,500 gauss surface
pack contains:
2x 1/2 inch High Quality Neodymium magnets
sizes : 7.5 inch & 8.5 inch

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