Nutramedix Takuna (Microbial Defence) 30ml


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Nutramedix Takuna (Microbial Defence) 30ml

Takuna Microbial Defense is an extract produced from the bark of Cecropia strigosa, a tree that is found throughout South America. It has recently been found to have very powerful antiviral properties as well as some other general antimicrobial properties. Practitioners using the product have found that Takuna given every hour usually resolves influenzas in just a few hours. In some cases the symptoms are resolved in as little as one hour. Practitioners also report that Takuna is effective against some bacterial infections and some fungal infections. Ingredients: Takuna Blanca (Cecropia strigosa) extract, mineral water, gluten free ethanol.


Takuna microbial defense (bark of the Cecropia strigosa) (14:1)

Other ingredients:

Mineral water

Gluten free ethanol: 20-24% vol

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Do not use if pregnant or nursing

Recommended dosage and usage instructions

15-30 drops twice day. May be taken hourly for acute health challenges

Additional information

Weight .2 kg

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