Odourless Coconut Cooking Cream 2500ml


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Royal Green Coconut Cooking Oil is organic and 100% odourless. Rich in Laurin acid, it is easily digestible and has less calories than most other oils.

The Coconut Cooking Cream is produced using certified organic farming. It can be used for baking, wokking and frying and can also be used as a substitute for butter. The oil does not become harmful when it is heated like many other oils and has absolutely no harmful ingredients or free radicals. It has less calories and is easily digestible without trans fats, supporting normal intestinal function. The oil is naturally sugar free and 100% vegetarian, has a positive influence on health and promotes beautiful soft skin and shiny hair.

100% organic coconut oil

Royal Green Coconut Oil can be used to bake, roast, wok and fry as a substitute for other cooking oils and can also be used as a substitute for butter on bread. Use the same amount as you would with any other oil.

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