Of The Earth Beetroot Powder Organic 200g


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Of The Earth Beetroot Powder Organic
Beetroots are rightly gaining a place on a "superfoods" pedestal. The clinical research is showing that so many different compounds found in beets are beneficial to our health. The deep red colour is produced by betacyanin, which is a potent antioxidant, one of the many antioxidants present in this ‘super’ root.
Balanced Nutrition · Dairy Free Recipe · High Proteins (>10%) · No Added Salt · No Added Sugar · Nut Free Recipe · Organic · Really High Fibre (>10%) · Super Food · Vegan · Wheat Free Recipe
How to use: 
Beetroot powder has a sweet taste, which compliments other foods. 
It can be used to make a hot "tea" (brew 1 heaped tablespoon in a cup of hot water or use a coffee maker, for extra luxury add whipped cream) or a cold healthy drink (add 1 heaped tablespoon to a glass of water and stir briskly). 
Can be added to pancakes, any bake, salad dressing, to decorate any dish, marinate fish, tandoori – the possibilities are endless. 
It is an ideal food colour, giving a bright red colour to your dishes with extra health benefits!

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