Of the earth Organic Peruvian Maca Super foods 220 g


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Of the earth Organic Peruvian Maca Super foods 220g
Organic "of the earth" Peruvian Maca superfood is to be used in super-smoothies,hot drinks,on muesli or in energy balls and outrageous desserts. High in vitamin B12 and with a reputation for increasing libido,improving concentration and alleviating hormonal problems,Maca is truly a superfood of the highest order
Improves Stamina,Vitality and Endurance
Enhances Libido,Sexual function and Fertility
Regulates Menstruation,Eases period pains
Alleviates Menopausal Symptoms
Native To Peru,the Maca plant is a cruciferous vegetable from the carrot,radish and parsnip family. It has been cultivated and used by the Peruvians for several thousand years,both as a foodstuff and also for its medicinal properties.Our Maca is of the highest quality,grown in the Andes and organically certified by the Dutch body SKAL. To ensure it retains all of it’s potency,our Maca is carefully dried and powdered. Yhis also makes it easy to use.
There are many delicious and interesting ways to use Maca. here are a few suggestions: In the morning we love sprinkling it over cereal,porridge or muesli,or mixing into yoghurt(with a touch of honey.) It can be stirred into soups,mixed into to hot or cold drinks,fruit juices,warm milk & honey. We often use it in smothies with bananas,rice milk,Cocao Nibs,Goji berries and Pollen. Why not experiment,sprinkling it directly onto salads or putting it into salad dressings.
As a food,Maca has no set dosages.However a heaped tablespoon or two each day is enough to get you going.

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