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Ojamin® Herb & Fruit stays true to the original in its efficacy. It is now made in England and refined in Switzerland for purity using RareXtract®, a process that ensures the most potent bio-actives are extracted. Thus, they created the world’s first herb & fruit tonic for daily wellness, that is also suitable for diabetics.

The beneficial effects of Ojamin® Herb & Fruit build up over time with regular use.

New & Reformulated
Essential Tonic for Daily Wellness – Suitable for Diabetics
New, Improved Recipe of 14 Herbs & Fruits
100% Natural, Sugar-Free and Vegan.
Made in England & Refined in Switzerland

Aloe Vera, Basil, Beleric, Bitter Melon, Cumin, Gooseberry, Bael, Haritaki, Fenugreek, Java Plum, Neem, Okra, Tumeric and Watermelon seeds.

Water: Mix one teaspoon of Ojamin Herb & Fruit with cold water to creating a refreshing drink. Hot tea: also works as a refreshing antioxidant blend when 1/2 teaspoon of Ojamin is mixed in black tea.

Ojamin® Herb & Fruit is recommended to be taken as part of a daily wellness plan. Many of our customers report having felt the fullest beneficial effect after one month of daily use and full potency after three months of use.

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