Organic Camu Camu Berry Powder 500g


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Organic Camu Camu Berry Powder 500g

Pure Organic Camu Camu Powder 500g  (2 x 250g)

Our camu camu powder has been certified by UK Soil Association

Camu camu is used mainly for its edible fruits. The most important property of the camu camu fruit is its extraordinarily high Vitamin C content, which is about 2-3% of fresh weight. So it is popular thing used in prevention and treatment of flu and colds. Scientific research also has revealed that camu camu flesh is rich in antioxidant, and it inhibits the radical DPPH, surpassing that of ascorbic acid and trolox. Due to its antioxidant content, camu camu is a good anti-aging substance. It can also strengthen the immune system.

Camu camu has also a unique aroma and fruit pigmentation. A reddish pigment in the leathery skin imparts an attractive and unique pink color on juices extracted from camu camu. The aroma is subtle. Camu camu is also used in ice creams, sweets, etc.

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