Organic Greens 180g




This Organic Greens product is a high-quality formula that is:

Quick and easy to use

Easily taken with shakes, smoothies, and protein powder drinks

Sweetened naturally with organic stevia extract

Plus, it doesn’t have a strong, unpleasant “green” taste even though it’s packed with:

Powdered forms of an assortment of organic vegetables plus organic cereal grasses from North America

Two of my top superfoods – Chlorella and Spirulina

An organic Mushroom Blend for immune support*

Exceptional alkalizing extracts that provide antioxidant benefits, including one of Japan’s best kept secrets – Green Matcha – Apple and Green Tea*

Two favorite adaptogen ingredients – Maca Root and Rhodiola

This Organic Greens product has been tested to ensure it doesn’t contain any genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.

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