Organic New Zealand Barley Grass (Formerly Raw Skinny Greens) 200g


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This pure green, purifying sovereign of the superfood world is grown in the lush, rolling pastures of New Zealand, harvested at peak potency for maximum nutrient retention.

Creative Nature Raw Skinny Greens is high in fibre which will help stabilise blood glucose levels, suppress hunger and aid in healthy digestion. It is a great addition to any smoothie as it will provide you with healthy carbohydrates as well as protein – helping you towards your way to a healthier and more active lifestyle! It is also packed with Chlorophyll – the green pigment that gives leaves/plants that bright green colour and is crucial for photosynthesis!

Suggested Use:

As a shot with a small amount of water

Blend into smoothies

Mix into a healthy ‘green’ juice

Sparingly sprinkled over salads


100% Organic Barley Grass powder, and that’s all!


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