Organic Wheatgrass 500g


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Organic Wheatgrass 500g
Direct from the cleanest freshest source in New Zealand.
A real green organic superfood from the Guarana Company Ltd – an excellent addition to any shake, smoothie or juice.
Wheatgrass is known to provide 92 out of 102 essential minerals, as well as up to 20 amino acids and building blocks for protein. Wheatgrass can help in cell repair and aids in removal of toxins. In detox, wheatgrass can help clean and detox liver and kidneys.
High in chorophyll, organic wheatgrass can enrich the blood. It is an essential source of green food, especially useful for those not benefiting from a balanced diet. Organic wheatgrass also contains essential enzymes and extra minerals, magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc and more.
Is there any reason not to try organic wheatgrass  powder?
Contains no wheat. Gluten free.
The price of 500g of Organic Wheatgrass is only £21.99

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