Organic Whey Protein Madagascan Vanilla 400g (Currently Unavailable)


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Ground organic Madagascan vanilla pods and a dash of unrefined organic coconut sugar are added to organic grass fed whey protein for a luxurious creamy vanilla taste. Each serving contains 18.8g protein, which includes all the naturally occurring essential amino acids & BCAAs.

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The easiest way to use organic whey protein is to mix 25g with 150-200ml of water or milk (dairy or plant based) vigorously in a shaker for 30 seconds, or for 10 seconds in a blender.

25g is equivalent to approximately 60ml, which is equal to ¼ cup, 3.5 tablespoons, 2 scoops, or of course you can also weigh on a set of kitchen scales for the best accuracy. Many people only have half a serving (so around 12.5g or 30ml) as they don't need a lot of extra protein in their diet.


Organic whey protein concentrate from organic <b>milk </b>(92.2%), unrefined organic coconut sugar (6.8%), ground organic Bourbon vanilla pods (1%).


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