Orzo Coffee Espresso Pods 30 pods Box


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Orzo Coffee Espresso Pods 30 pods Box 
Orzo Espresso is 100% organic ground roasted barley in espresso pods to be used in professional espresso machines in cafes & restaurant Brewing an espresso from ground roasted barley is a popular Italian tradition. You can visit any cafe or restaurant in Italy and ask for a caffe’ d’orzo instead of a simple caffe’: the barista will prepare an espresso using a barley pod, like the ones of Orzo?Espresso. The resulting drink can be enjoyed black or can be turned into Orzo?Cappuccino, Orzo?Latte and many other drinks. Each organic ground roasted barley pod can be used in professional espresso machines (6cm single shot filter basket) to make one cup (125ml) of delicious barley espresso or cappuccino. For best results: Load the pod into the filter basket. Start expressing but stop before any orzo pours in to the cup, wait 10 seconds, then express fully.

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