Osmanthus Valley Organic Tea 50g


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Osmanthus Valley is the ‘spring sunshine’ of organic, living teas. A settling and soothing organic, semi-oxidised and rolled oolong tea. Used traditionally to harmonise the mind and body – it puts a permanent smile on your face.

Origin: Single-estate rolled oolong. Grown by a Taiwanese tea family who created an organic tea garden in Northern Vietnam to take advantage of the area’s rich biodiversity.

Flavour: Floral osmanthus blossoms with hints of stone fruits, apricot and mango. Sweet then astringent with a sweet return.

Benefits: Nourishing, harmonising and comforting for the body and mind – particularly the digestion.

Brewing Guide (300ml): Osmanthus Valley can be infused multiple times. Infuse 1 teaspoon for 30 seconds at 95-99. Strain, serve and reserve tea leaves. Repeat this method to re-infuse the leaves up to 6 times.

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