Ovivo Olive Leaf Extract 7 Day Drink 500 ML


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OVIVO Daily Antioxidant Plus 500ml
OVIVO® Daily Antioxidant Plus is packed full of balanced bio-active Phytonutrients, which means that when taken daily, it is energizing, revitalising and will boost your immune system. The liquid supplement contains 93% OLIVUM®, a balanced olive leaf and calendula flower infusion produced in the Umbrian hills of Italy. The way the supplement is created means that as much of the original, raw goodness as possible remains in the drink.
OLIVUM®, our unique olive leaf water infusion, is the basis of OVIVO® Antioxidant Plus and is rich in potent bio-active Phytonutrients like Oleuropein, Elenolic Acid, Hydroxytirosol, Tyrosol and Rutin. It has been scientifically proven in studies made both in and out of the lab that these molecules are among the most powerful antioxidant and antiradicals existing in nature. Science has also shown Olive Leaf Extract to have an excellent safety profile as a non-toxic immune builder, making it broadly safe to take by young and old long term.
Core benefits
Natural Wellness – Raw Potent Olive Leaf Extract and Calendula goodness. Natural bio-active ingredients which are non GM, Pesticide free and 100% Vegan approved.
Immune Support – Super antioxidants with bio-active plant phenols that work in synergy to power boost your immune system.
Detox Support – Powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal function, whilst mopping up free   radicals and toxins with powerful antioxidants.
Energy – Supports the oxygen supply to the entire nervous system resulting in a gentle surge of energy without caffeine.
Dosage: ADULTS 70ml once a day. CHILDREN OVER 3 YEARS half the adult dose (35ml dose a day). The measuring strip on the side of bottle will help you to pour the doses. Ideally to be taken daily as a regular food supplement or in periods poor health.
Bio-active Compounds: The recommended single adult daily dose (70ml) contains, on average the following beneficial active ingredients: Oleuropein (154mg); Hydroxytyrosol (10.57mg); Tyrosol (8.89mg); Elenolic Acid (85.05mg); Rutin (12.88mg)

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