Oxyplus+(Oxygen and Aloe Vera) 32fl.oz / 946ml


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Oxyplus+ (Oxygen and Aloe Vera) 32fl.oz / 946ml

Provides energy-giving single oxygen
Supports health of digestive tract
Each serving (Liquid) supplies:

Stabilised Anaerocidal Atomic Oxygen and Magnesium Peroxide, In a proprietary blend of stabilised Aloe vera Plus:

Ginkgo Biloba
 Mint Tea
Bee Pollen
 Citrus Pectin
 Malic Acid
Potassium Gluconate
Nat Cranberry Flavour
 Nat Apple Flavour
Citric Acid Less than 1%
 Potassium benzoate
Ascorbic Acid
 Potassium Sorbate
Zinc Gluconate
 Chromium Polynicotinate
Grape Skin
 Aloe Vera


Suggested Use: 1 oz (30ml)one to three times per day as an oxygen supplement, at least one half hour before meals or 2 hours after. Children usually take I/2oz for each 40 pounds of body weight
  Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 fl.oz
Serving Per Container: 32 Servings
Amount Per Serving Information 
 Amount per serving
 %Daily Value
Aloe Vera, Potassium Gluconate,
Fruitrim, Malic Acid, Natural Cranberry
Flavour, Natural Apple Flavour and
Citric Acid. Less than 1% Magnesium
Peroxide, Pure Anaerocidal Oxygen,
Potassium Benzoate and Potassium
Sorbate used as Preservatives.
Mint Tea, Ginseng Tea, Ginkgo Tea,
Bee Pollen, Ascorbic Acid, Zinc
Gluconate, Suma, Citrus Pectin,
Selenium, Chromium Polynicotinate
(Chromate), Myrrh, Grape Skin.
*Daily Value not established

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