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oxygen stimulator drops –

Use more of the oxygen in each breath

Oxygen stimulator drops – more oxygen in each breath
Ideal for athletes and people with breathing difficulties
A unique natural oxygen-enhancing compound that allows more oxygen to enter the bloodstream with each breath.

Thousands of Oximeter tests have demonstrated that the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream can be increased in less than a minute after OxySorb  is taken.

Which is also ideal for athletes of all ages during training and competition and is great for overcoming jet lag

Suggested use:

Adults/children, hold 20 drops in the mouth for at least thirty seconds to start the digestive process, then swallow; twice daily and as needed.

Take before or during exercise, heavy exertion, high altitude activity, or exposure to unhealthy environments such as smog, traffic exhaust or re-circulated air as in airplanes or in many climate controlled buildings

Can be taken as frequently as desired.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 20 drops (0.7mL)
Serving Per Container: 100
Amount Per Serving Information 
 Amount per 20 drops
 %Daily Value
Proprietary blend: 0.7g
Deionized Water
Norwegian Seaweed (Seawrack) (Bladderwrack) Extract
Citric Acid
Mint (Mentha viridis) leaf extract
*Daily Value not established

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