oxytarm Fruit & Fibre Plum with Umeboshi


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oxytarm Fruit & Fibre Plum with Umeboshi 
Umeboshi – Pickled Japanese apricot 
Oxytarm Fruit & Fiber Plum is a highly effective laxative developed for people who need relief from constipation.
The Umeboshi is a Pickled Japanese apricot  from Far East. 
Good gut bacteria – probiotic lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. In an article in the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association concluded as follows: The documentation shows that an appreciation of the natural intestinal microflora may contribute to preventing and alleviating easier indigestion caused by intestinal infections, antibiotic use, or an irregular and stressed lifestyle .
Tea – Green tea and Puer tea. 
Matfibre. Umeboshi, tea and liquorice are all a natural fiber content. 
Plum maybe good for stomach / intestinal tract. 
15 plums
Consume one fruit in the evening. The intended effect will normally occur the following morning, though some consumers suffice with just half a fruit.

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