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Padma Circosan 

formally known as Padma 28 Potentilla Formula 

Padma Circosan has now been granted a Traditional Herbal Registration. .Padma is a herbal formulation based on a traditional Tibetan recipe. It consists of a carefully balanced preparation of 19 dried and milled herbs, together with natural camphor and calcium sulphate. The ingredients are selected according to ancient Tibetan philosophy, by taste and other criteria specific to the Tibetan tradition. These ingredients include key natural components such as, polyphenols, bioflavanoids and essential oils. This formula has powerful anti-oxidant effects which have been shown to be important in maintaining healthy circulation, especially in the legs.
Padma 28 is processed and tested in accordance with modern manufacturing practices to ensure quality, purity and potency of every tablet. It is also the first Tibetan herbal formulation to be subjected to the rigours of western clinical evaluation

Directions: Take two capsules, twice a day with a glass of water. An additional two tablets may be taken if needed. After 4 weeks, intake may be reduced to two tablets in the morning depending on experience.

Cautions: Occasionally susceptible people may experience upset in the gastro-intestinal tract. Mild discomfort can be dispelled by taking the tablets with a main meal and a large glass of water.
Suitable for vegetarians, gluten free diets, lactose free diets and diabetics.
Nutritional Information: Saussuria 40mg,
Iceland Moss 40mg,
Margosa 35mg,
Myrobalan 30mg,
Red Sandalwood 30mg,
Cardamom 30mg,
Allspice 25mg,
Bengal Quince 20mg,
Potentilla Golden Herb 15mg,
Licorice 15mg,
Ribwort 15mg,
Columbine 15mg,
Knot Grass 15mg,
Cloves 12mg,
Gingerlily 10mg,
Heartleaved Sida 10mg,
Valerian 10mg,
Wild Lettuce 6mg,
Marigold 5mg,

Additional Ingredients: Sorbitol 73mg,
Calcium Sulphate 20mg,
Silicon Dioxide 12mg,
Camphor 4mg�

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